__i'm so ad0rable__ (__ad0rable__) wrote in clue_less_crew,
__i'm so ad0rable__

3.Location:houston, texas
4.Favorite color:pink
5.Favorite stores (3):a&f, a&e, hollister, urban outfitters, and wet seal
6.Favorite cosmetic brands (3):lancome, mac, and clinique
7.Favorite movies (3):mean girls, the notebook, a walk to remember, the prince and me..way to many lol
8.Favorite song titles with artists (3):trapt-echo, ashlee simpson-undiscovered, avril lavigne-my happy ending, dashboard confessional-vindicated..and so many more :)
9.Favorite books (2):the notebook, the great and terrible beauty, go ask alice
10.Favorite things you own (3):my puppy, my camera flip phone, my lap top, flip flops, my dooney & bourke (sorry if spelled it wrong) purses, mostly all my clothes lol
11.Your signature scent:not sure yah mean, but i love j'adore dior
12.Favortie celebrities:Lindsay Lohan, Nicky Hilton, Nicole Richie, Adam Sandler, Ashlee Simpson, and i forgot the others, my mind went totally blank.
13.Your interests:listening to music, watching tv, talking on the phone, reading, hanging out with my friends, shopping, sleeping..etc..
14.An interesting thing about you:i really have my blonde moments sometimes, lol
15.Where you heard about clue_less_crew:i searched it on the interests
16.e-mail addres: xosuthenrbeauty@aol.com
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