Kirstie<3 (jadore_xo) wrote in clue_less_crew,

1.Name: Kirstie
2.Age: 13
3.Location: BC, Canada
4.Favorite color: PINK!
5.Favorite stores (3): AE, Le Chateau, Hollister
6.Favorite cosmetic brands (3): MAC, Chanel, CG
7.Favorite movies (3): Alice In Wonderland, A Walk To Remember, Scary Movie 3
8.Favorite song titles with artists (3): Beautiful Soul- Jesse McCartney, Take Me-Hawk Neilson, My Place-Nelly
9.Favorite books (2): Gossip Girl series, Sisterhood of the travelling pants
10.Favorite things you own (3): Vintage Jewellry, Lipgloss, pictures
11.Your signature scent: Ralph Lauren Naturel Spray
12.Favortie celebrities: Rachel Bilson, Paris Hilton, Mary-Kate&Ashley, Johnny Depp
13.Your interests: Soccer, shopping, hanging out with friends, going to the beach, LJ, MSN
14.An interesting thing about you: I have a beauty mark on my right cheek
15.Where you heard about clue_less_crew: sham_is_awesome
16.e-mail addres:
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